What is the Importance of Effective Refrigeration?

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refrigerationBefore there was such a thing as refrigeration, life was very different for people, in a vast amount of ways. It was a task and a half to keep food from ‘going off’, and food had to be bought frequently in smaller amounts as it couldn’t be stored for long. A number of clever strategies were used such as keeping food in cellars, outdoor window boxes and even wrapped up outside in water. Even so, as they were unaware of bacteria growth, many people became victims of what they called ‘summer complaint’.

Refrigeration and air conditioning are ‘essential services’ according to the International Institute of Refrigeration [IIR], and the organisation is calling on governments all over the world to acknowledge the fact. The current pandemic has brought this to the forefront, making promotion of awareness a priority for the organisation. There are 59 countries that are members of the IIR, which has a vast network of expert speakers on the subject.

As we all know refrigeration is vital for the smooth running of our daily lives, especially in recent months. It has played a key roll in many health and safety related aspects, some of which are generally overlooked. The industry employs more that 15 million people worldwide and is a major factor in preserving food and reducing waste. It is used extensively in areas such as milk and dairy production and distribution. Air conditioning is also crucial to economic and social development, particularly in warmer countries and especially considering global warming.

Refrigeration is vital in the storage and preservation of medical and pharmaceutical products such as vaccines too. Some surgical treatments have been created which demand ultra low temperature technologies. Numerous industrial processes rely on refrigeration including chemicals, plastics and natural gas liquefaction. In fact data centres and the internet would be doomed if there were no refrigeration. The role of refrigeration in employment of engineers, producers, installers, suppliers etc must also be acknowledged.



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