The First World Refrigeration Day

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Industry trade associations and other international professional bodies have agreed on 26th June 2019 as the first World Refrigeration Day. This date will serve to raise awareness of achievements made within the refrigeration industries regarding technologies like refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. People will be reminded once a year of progress made in the past as well as future hopes and challenges.

The annual commemoration day has received interest from countries such as the USA, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Africa, Thailand, Australia and locations throughout Europe. The scheme was originally conceived by Steve Gill, who is the current president of the UK’s institute of Refrigeration. The term ‘refrigeration’ in this context is being used to describe a broad range of ideas, not only in its role as a way of preserving food, but also for providing thermal comfort via air conditioning.

These technologies have developed over centuries to serve needs including staying comfortable whatever the climate and keeping food safe and edible for longer. Modern life would not exist as we know it without these processes, even though they are largely taken for granted by the majority.

Industry professionals are frequently frustrated by the lack of recognition and appreciation shown by the wider community for their skills and knowledge. Without which, many of the systems would not function smoothly on a daily basis. The history of refrigeration is filled with engineering pioneers, inventors, industrial entrepreneurs and scientists from all corners of the globe.

Amongst quotes from a variety of international industry professionals, Kim Limburg, CEO of the Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association (ARMA) said “Refrigeration and air conditioning is the single most specialised trade we have and yet it has continued to be the most hidden.”

Steve Gill has struggled to promote the idea of World Refrigeration Day for over a decade, and is delighted to have gone a long way towards achieving his goal.

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