Preventative Maintenance Checks

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One of the most vital aspects within the food and medical industry where health and safety are concerned, is refrigeration. A meltdown is also detrimental to your business causing expense and lost customers. It is important that those in the food and restaurant industry regularly perform a refrigeration preventative maintenance check. These checks will play a huge role in preventing upheaval caused by untimely breakdowns.

These are simple tasks that you can perform yourself to ensure smooth running equipment and prevent costly performance issues. They can be performed on a daily or weekly basis, and can avoid extensive inconvenience and loss.

Check Your Settings

Temperature and defrost frequency settings should be looked at daily to keep problems at bay. Temperature settings that are too low will result in your system overworking, which could shorten the life of your refrigeration equipment. Your unit could also form excess ice which will impact liquids etc. On the flip side, food will spoil if the temperature is too warm, causing illness or waste.

Keep Equipment Clean

This is a no brainer where there is food storage and preparation, spills should be mopped up promptly, and a ‘clean as you go’ philosophy should be adopted by everybody. Regular cleaning is the key to avoiding mould growth and other nasties. Be careful not to use abrasives like steel wool, or strong chemicals like bleach though, as these may damage the finish of your appliance.

Defrost Schedules

The manufacturer of your appliances will have a recommended frequency for defrosting, ensuring that the equipment is not overworked.

Avoid Crowding

Do not crowd refrigerators as this will result in lack of air circulation, and difficulty maintaining the correct temperature. Make sure external vents etc are also not blocked in any way, as this could damage your equipment.

Air Leak Inspections

Preventative maintenance includes monthly checking for air leaks from damaged or loose seals or gaskets. These issues along with improperly aligned doors, could cause less effective performance and higher electricity bills! For more information call the team at Marcold on 01253 – 839800

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