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According to a report in the news section of the ACR website, demand for cold storage spaces will increase in 2020 due to higher temperatures and the COVID-19 crisis. Food and drink companies are being urged to plan ahead as companies supplying cooling systems may struggle to meet customer need.

Temperature control is crucial in many instances, especially with regard to the current pandemic. This is important whether it’s in laboratories as essential testing is carried out, or with stored medications required to alleviate symptoms. There are many unforeseen situations arising from this crisis too, one being the shortage of cold storage facilities. An area of concern brought into sharp focus, is that goods are currently having to be stored as a result of temporary restaurant and hotel closures.

This has meant a risk of the country’s infrastructure being overwhelmed where there is a lack of effective cold storage available. Companies are also likely to need a range of cooling solutions in the coming months. Versatile technology that can work alongside existing systems will be needed to gradually reduce temperatures. Additional cooling capacity will be wanted with top-up or add-in solutions. The advice from all sides seems to be ‘get prepared now, rather than waiting until later when the needs of your company become urgent’.

Another potential issue could be problems with existing equipment, which has been idle, malfunctioning or needing repairs. This may cause critical difficulties and interfere with businesses attempting to restart.

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