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We find cooling systems fascinating, [obviously!] but how people managed before this technology really is interesting. Ancient refrigeration pinpoints some ingenious methods of keeping food cool and safe to eat, before the wonder of electricity. Some of the techniques used can and are in fact used today in the event of refrigeration breakdown.

Drying and Preserving

Preserving food was big in many places especially in warm countries as far back as 12000 B.C. The sun was used to dry things like fish, meat, fruits and spices, thus increasing their shelf life. Salts and spices were also a good way of preserving foods, along with pickling in acidic brine, smoking meat and fish, and fermenting food underground.

Cooling with Water

Steeping items of food in water has always been a preferred way to keep it cool, and early Egyptians would place food in earthenware jars filled with water. During cold weather, freezing lakes were a handy way of keeping the temperature down, and ice houses were a feature in Mesopotamian civilizations. Ancient Greek, Roman and Hebrew civilizations refrigerated food in pits filled with ice and snow. Cellars and buckets in wells were frequently utilised to store food items by many, before the trusty fridge made an appearance,

Cold Pantries and Ice Boxes

Ice boxes were big in the 1800’s usually containing a large block of ice, to keep food and drinks fresh. They were fashioned from wood and resembled attractive yet highly functional pieces of furniture. Ice would be delivered by an ‘ice man’ in order to replenish the melted block, and ice boxes were credited with improving infant mortality. Sometimes the home would have a ‘cold pantry’ instead, offering more available space.

Mechanical refrigerators emerged slowly from 1830, but needed frequent repairs, with the modern version becoming popular in the 1920’s.

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